How does the Excel training work?

The training takes place at the customer location, usually in a conference or training room. We meet twice for 2 hours each, usually during the same week. Classes are 12-person max, and are currently only offered in Eastern Iowa. To schedule a class, please call or email me.

What is the class format like?

After going over the basics of what the class will cover, I create a spreadsheet using all of the topics for that class. The students create it along side me. They are then free to keep the spreadsheet they made to refer back to in the future.

What courses are offered?

Excel 1 - The basics of navigating and using Excel, most types of formatting, dollar sign notation, charts, referencing other worksheets, and some of the most common formulas, such as SUM, IF, and VLOOKUP. (Reqires basic computer knowledge)

Excel 2 - Ampersands, filtering and sorting, 3D formulas, troubleshooting your formulas, protecting data, view and print formatting, conditional formatting, and some of the most useful formulas, such as AND, OR, MATCH, SEARCH, SUMIF, RANK, INDEX, and OFFSET. (Requires Excel 1)

Excel 3 - Named ranges, data validation, custom number formats, array formulas, data links, and the INDIRECT function. (Requires Excel 2)

Excel 4 - Macros and form control. (Requires Excel 2)

Excel 5 - This class focuses on teaching how best to combine some of the most advanced techniques learned in the previous classes. (Requires Excel 3 & 4)

How much does the training cost?

The base cost for each class is $250 plus an additional $50 per student (minimum of $450 per class). An additional charge may be added for travel.