How does the Excel training work?

The training takes place at the customer location (or remotely if on-site is not ideal), usually in a conference or training room. Classes are 12-person max and last between 90 and 120 minutes. We meet twice per week for a total of either 16 times (or just 8 times if you want the accelerated class). To schedule a class, please call or email me.

What is the class format like?

Meetings are twice per week, with homework given every-other class (or every class for the accelerated version). Each week we learn a few new concepts and then practice various applications of them in class. The final class is a test to see what they've learned. Students will be able to look back at their homework after the course has been completed to use as a reference in order to help them remember how to do many of the things we've learned. Homework and the final will be looked over and graded, though the grades are only for the student to have a quantifiable way to know how they've done in the class.

What courses are offered?

Basic - This course teaches the basics of using and navigating Excel as well as formatting, troubleshooting, charting, and over 75 different formulas, including many logical, mathmatical, lookup & reference, text, and date & time formulas. It is designed to take the student from little-to-no Excel experience up to a point where they will be quite formittable with Excel, knowing more than the majority of today's Excel users.

Advanced - This course teaches a variety of advanced techniques such as custom-formatting techniques, data validation, advanced charting, and array formulas. It also teaches around 25 new formulas, including some of the most complicated, yet useful, lookup & reference formulas. The last half of the class also focuses heavily on writing macros through visual basic. It is designed to take the student from the end of the Basic Course to knowing how to do nearly everything that Excel has to offer. (Requires the Basic Course or equivilent knowledge)

Note: Your group can be divided into 2 sections, with one section doing the Basic Course at the normal pace and the other doing both the Basic and Advanced Courses at the accelerated pace so that both finish in 8 weeks.

How much does the training cost?

The base cost for each class is $3000 plus an additional $750 per student (minimum of $6000 per class) if done at the normal rate or $1500 plus an additional $750 per student (minimum of $4500 per class) if done at the accelerated rate. An additional charge will be added for travel for any on-site classes outside of Eastern Iowa.