What do Health Insurance Consultations consist of?

During or shortly before open-enrollment time I will come into your place of business, set up in an office or conference room, and meet with interested employees. I review their health insurance options, as well as the options of their spouses if applicable, and basically "do the math" on what plan is likely to be the least costly for their family in the long run. I look into both the expected and the worst-case scenarios, and I take into account deductibles, copays, coinsurance, drug costs, HSAs, FSAs, tax savings, and the possibility of splitting insurance between both spouses.

The client is then given or emailed a printout showing the expected costs of each plan in both the expected and worst-case scenarios, as well as my recommendation for what plan to pick. This has the potential to save the insured party thousands of dollars per year.

I charge $40 per consultation with an additional charge for travel if the location is outside of Eastern Iowa. The $40 can be paid by the employee or by the company. I will also perform this service for individuals who are interested.

Email me at hasenmillerspreadsheets@gmail.com or call 563-212-9702 to set up a day/days for consultations.