How does the Excel training work?

The training takes place at the customer location (or remotely if on-site is not ideal), usually in a conference or training room. Classes contain between 6 and 12 students and last between 90 and 120 minutes. It typically works best to meet for class once per week, though that can be changed if something else would work better.

What is the class format like?

Each week we start with a quick review of the week before. Then for the rest of the class we will learn a few new concepts and practice various applications of them in class. Occasionally (usually every 2 or 3 classes) there is some outside homework as well. The in-class applications and homework are designed not just to reinforce concepts, but to give students things they can reference after the class is over to remind themselves how to do some of the things they have learned but maybe not used in a while. The final class (if you do the 20 week Excel or 13 week Computer class) is a test to see what the students have learned. Homework and the final will be looked over and graded, though the grades are only for the student to have a quantifiable way to know how they've done in the class.

What courses are offered?

Basic Excel - This course teaches the basics of using and navigating Excel as well as formatting, troubleshooting, charting, and over 75 different formulas, including many logical, mathmatical, lookup & reference, text, and date & time formulas. It is designed to take the student from little-to-no Excel experience up to a point where they will be quite formittable with Excel, knowing more than the majority of today's Excel users. Though it says "Basic," it really will take you far past what most people would consider "Basic" to be.

Advanced Excel - This course teaches a variety of advanced techniques such as custom-formatting techniques, data validation, advanced charting, and array formulas. It also teaches around 25 new formulas, including some of the most complicated, yet useful, lookup & reference formulas. The last half of the class also focuses heavily on writing macros through visual basic. It is designed to take the student from the end of the Basic Excel course to knowing how to do nearly everything that Excel has to offer. (Requires the Basic Excel course or equivilent knowledge)

Basic Computer Literacy - This course teaches the basics of using and navigating a windows computer, as well as the basics of Microsoft Office programs like Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. After this course, students should be much more confident using their computer, and will know how to do things that even some of their more advanced coworkers don't necessarily know.

Why Does It Work?

The class is set up with long-term retention in mind. People learn much better from doing and teaching than from seeing, reading, or hearing. So a large portion of the class involves practicing concepts that we have learned. And the environment is such that students who are more adept can help the students who are struggling, thus further reinforcing what those more advanced students have learned.

I make sure that the most important concepts are reinforced and reused week after week, as repetition - specifically the act of learning, forgetting, and re-learning - is great at building memory. And then after the class, they can go back and look at the work they've done when trying to remember how a certain formula works, etc. So even what they do forget, they can easily re-learn, and they can re-learn it from something they remember doing themselves. Plus, the in-person class structure provides a far better learning environment than the virtual trainings that have become so popular.

This is not some learn-it-and-forget-it class, and I am constantly striving to make it better, making changes and improvements every time I teach it.

How Much Does the Training Cost?

All courses have a base price and an additional per-student price. Half of the cost for classes is due 30 days from the first class, with the other half due 30 days from the last class. (You will be invoiced on the date of the first class and the date of the last class, with invoices due 30 days from receipt.)

Basic Excel - Full 20 Weeks - $4500 plus $750 per student

Basic Excel - First 15 Weeks Only - $3500 plus $575 per student

Basic Excel - First 10 Weeks Only - $2500 plus $400 per student

Advanced Excel - Full 20 Weeks - $4500 plus $750 per student

Advanced Excel - First 10 Weeks Only - $2500 plus $400 per student

Basic Computer Literacy - Full 13 Weeks - $2500 plus $400 per student

Basic Computer Literacy - First 8 Weeks Only - $1600 plus $250 per student

(An additional charge may be added for travel outside of Eastern Iowa)

How to Schedule a Class

You can call or email me to schedule a class or if you would like me to provide any more details on what topics a specific class offers.